Responsible Sourcing

We know that having the best coffee also means having the most sustainable coffee possible. And it’s not just our coffee – we’re making sure that all the products we buy are sourced sustainably and responsibly.

Working together, responsibly

We have a responsibility to ensure sound social, ethical and environmental practices within our supply chains. That’s why we are committed to carrying out all our procurement practices in the most sustainable and responsible way possible.

By working with our suppliers and sustainable practice experts, we have developed and implemented policies for human rights in the supply chain.

Working with the Rainforest Alliance

We recognise that to have a sustainable coffee business we need to invest in a sustainable coffee supply, ensuring that our coffee is grown in a way that protects the environment and allows the communities growing our coffee to thrive.

The Rainforest Alliance is a non-profit organisation, working to create a future in which people and nature thrive in harmony. Since we started our partnership with the Rainforest Alliance in 2008, we’ve been working together to tackle some of the most pressing issues facing the planet today by changing the way we produce, source and consume the world’s natural resources.

So, this means you can be confident that you’re supporting the farmers and forest communities who are looking after our natural resources whenever you choose to drink Costa Coffee.

Human rights

As a business, we are dedicated to inspiring the world to love great coffee. However, we know that we only have the chance to achieve this ambition because of the people who work in our organisation, the people who create our products, and of course the people who buy them. People form the core of our business and we’re committed to making sure that human rights are protected across our own business as well as our supply chains.

We don’t tolerate any form of slavery, forced labour or human trafficking – within our own business, across the operations of our franchisees and business partners, suppliers and wider supply chain.