Snowy and Ginger can't wait to meet you

Drop by Costa Coffee to check out the adorable new cups that house our new mascots Snowy the snowman and Ginger the gingerbread man. Each limited-edition cup brings to life the spirit of the season and makes for a lovely little gift.

Sip on the spirit of the season

Savour a celebration of flavours with three delicious new drinks crafted specially for the festive season.

A warm hug on every sip. Jolly choco-orange hot latte.

you bring the cheer, we'll bring the chill. Merry choco-orange iced latte.

A dollop of love in every cup. Frosty choco-orange frappe.

Double the love

Celebrate Christmas and New Year with the Costa Club India app. Earn double the Beans when you order a Jolly Choco-orange Hot Latte, Merry Choco-orange Iced Latte or Frosty Choco-orange Frappe, from December 1 to December 31.